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Zack Kowalske

Principal Forensic Advisor





P.O. Box 638

Roswell, GA 30077


Crime Scene Reconstructionist

Crime Scene Investigator

Advanced Peace Officer

A Brief Bio

Zack Kowalske currently serves as a law enforcement Detective and forensic practitioner in the metro Atlanta area. Having served in law enforcement since 2009, the majority of his career has been spent as a Detective in the Crime Scene Investigations Unit. Mr. Kowalske holds a Masters of Science with a Concentration in Forensic Science, and a Bachelor of Science in Investigative Forensics with a Minor in Terrorism and Critical Infrastructure.  He is a PhD Researcher for Staffordshire University completing his Doctoral dissertation research in Forensic Science focusing in the discipline of bloodstain pattern analysis.  


He is a graduate of the National Forensic Academy, where he was awarded the Dr. William Bass Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Forensic Investigations. He was first certified as a Crime Scene Investigator, by the International Association for Identification, in 2007, he is also an IAI board certified Crime Scene Reconstructionist.

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and Shooting Incident Reconstruction are his areas of specialty.  He has been court qualified as an expert witness in Crime Scene Investigations, Crime Scene Reconstruction, Crime Scene Analysis, and Bloodstain Pattern Analysis. Mr. Kowalske is an active member of the International Association for Identification, Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction (Board of Directors), International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts, American Academy of Forensic Science, and serves as a CSI Advisory Committee Member for the Serendipity Wildlife Foundation.  He has published both Journal and Magazine articles on Crime Scene Investigation and Reconstruction topics.

*Complete CV available upon request.


Doctor of Philosophy, Forensic Science, Staffordshire University, United Kingdom                                              (In Progress) 2023


Master of Science, Concentration in Forensic Science, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida                                              2019


Bachelor of Science, Investigative Forensics, University of Maryland University College, Maryland                                          2015


Graduate, National Forensic Academy, University of Tennessee- LEIC, Oakridge, Tennessee                                                   2015

Work Experience

January 2018 - Current

January 2009 - Current

Foxen Forensic Laboratories, Principal Forensic Advisor providing Crime Scene Investigation, Analysis, and Reconstruction Review of Criminal and Civil Cases, Instructor in Shooting Reconstruction, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, and Forensic Investigations.

Metro Atlanta Area Police Department, Detective and Master Police Officer

Current Assignment:  Crime Scene Investigations

Career Assignments:  Detention Center, Uniform Patrol Division, Criminal Investigations, Fire Investigations, Traffic Investigations, and Crime Scene Investigations

Select Qualifications

Testimonial Experience

Courtroom testimony experience in approximately 50+ Grand Jury hearings, 75+ Motions hearings, 20+ Trials, and 150+ Arrest and Search Warrant application hearings.  Voir Dire and acceptance as a court qualified expert witness in Crime Scene Investigations, Crime Scene Analysis, Crime Scene Reconstruction, and Bloodstain Pattern Analysis.

Advanced Training Experience

More than 2,200 hours of State and Federal recognized training, including: ICS / NIMS, incident scene management, homicide investigations; fraud investigations; kidnapping and abduction investigations; human trafficking, constitutional law, counterterrorism, hostage negotiations, domestic violence, interviews and interrogations, leadership and supervision, criminal procedures, SWAT operations, Crime Scene Investigations and Reconstruction, Fire and Arson Investigations, Latent Print Development and Examination, and other in depth Forensic Science related topics and courses.

Select Publications

“The Future of BPA with a Study in Microgravity” (Abstract) – (2021, December). Journal of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, 36(4).

“Innovation as the Guiding Principal in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis: A Brief Historical Literature Review” (Review Article) Manuscript completed, currently under editorial review.


“Foundational Aspects of 21st Century Crime Scene Investigations” (Article) The Georgia Police Chief Magazine, Spring Edition 2021.


“Shooting Reconstruction and Response Time Considerations: A Brief Literature Review” (Feature Article) Forensic Magazine, August 2020

“Newtonian Physics within Crime Scene Reconstruction” (Feature Article) Forensic Magazine; Vol.12, No.1, February/March 2016 Edition

“Casting Blood Stain Patterns: AccuTrans versus Mikrosil” (Technical Notes) –  (2016, September).  Journal of Forensic Identification, 66(5), 381-387.

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