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Next Level Training

Foxen Forensic Laboratories’ Training Program strives to provide interactive and high quality, effective, and current instruction on the science, techniques, standards, and legal opinions related to criminal forensic investigation.  

Using an experiential, hands on approach, our team of veteran instructors prepare students both for the challenges of field and case work, and for the rigors of the courtroom.  Instructors and attendees include: law enforcement practitioners and administrators; medical experts; and legal professionals.  Our staff has developed specialized training, including:


  • Crime Scene Investigations

  • Advanced Crime Scene Documentation

  • Crime Scene Reconstruction

  • Shooting Incident Reconstruction

  • Advanced Vehicle Based Shooting Incident Reconstruction 

  • Injury Analysis in Shooting Incidents

  • Forensic Evidence for Medical Professionals

  • Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

  • Anatomical Positioning and Bloodstain Evidence

  • Leadership in Criminal Investigations

  • Courtroom Demeanor and Testimony

  • Advanced Report Writing Skills and Case File Preparation  

In addition to these, our staff is available to tailor programs to your agency policies and needs, or to collaborate with your agency to develop an entirely custom course. ​

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