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Crime Scene Analysis & Reconstruction

Reconstructing Crime with Scientific Methodology

Crime Scene Examination and Reconstruction

The accurate collection and analysis of physical evidence is imperative in contemporary criminal investigations.  Ensuring that the methodologies used for that examination is critical to ensure standards and valid results.  Crime scene reconstruction applies the scientific method to provide an objective analysis of all of the evidence to explain the actions or events of complex crime scenes.

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Self-defense or criminal intent? In violent events, the analysis of bloodstain patterns can be crucial. Bloodstain Pattern Analysis is the examination of bloodstains as it relates to determining the origin, flight path, and in some cases, the sequence of events that transpired during the bloodshed event.  A thorough analysis of these types of patterns can lend understanding to the nature of the bloodshed, type of instrument used to inflict injury, as well as positioning and spatial relationship of the victim and suspect. Establishing the sequence of events and the location of the parties involved within the crime scene can shed light on the true nature of the incident. 

Shooting Incident Reconstruction

Who fired first?  Often synonymous with bloodstain pattern analysis is the examination of flight paths and trajectories of shooting incidents.  The methodology of examining the physics of  both disciplines frequently parallel. The examination of ballistic evidence in a shooting incident can provide critical information relating to the location of the shooter, distance between the firearm and target, and at times the sequencing of shots. 

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