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Casson Reynolds

Consulting Advisor





P.O. Box 638

Roswell, GA 30077


Senior Crime Scene Analyst 

Advanced Law Enforcement

Advanced Gang Specialist

A Brief Bio

Casson Reynolds is an Instructor Developer in Crime Scene Reconstruction at the North Carolina Justice Academy in Edneyville, NC since 2017. He is a Certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst through the International Association for Identification, 2nd Vice President of the North Carolina IAI, Previous Board Member of the Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction, and Board Member of the Bloodstain Pattern Analysis of the AAFS Standards Board.


Casson has a Master of Science from Boston University in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor of Science from Radford University in Criminal Justice. He was sworn in law enforcement for 14 years with the majority of that time being in crime scene investigations and analysis. He worked for the Charlottesville Police Department, the Gastonia Police Department, and the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police. He has his NC Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate and his NC Advanced Gang Specialist Certificate.


Casson is a recognized subject matter expert in Crime Scene Reconstruction, Shooting Incident Reconstruction, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, and Latent Print Development and Identification. He regularly teaches classes throughout North Carolina, provides technical assistance to local and state agencies, and presents on crime scene reconstruction at conferences across the country.  Casson acts as a training coordinator and reconstructionist for Foxen Forensic Laboratories and can be contacted for any training and coursework inquiries.  

*Complete CV available upon request.


 Master of Science, Criminalistics and Criminal Science, Boston University                                                                                 2007


Bachelor of Science, Criminalistics and Criminal Science, Radford University                                                                            2003

Work Experience

June 2022  - Current

February 2017 - Current

January 2018 - Current

March 2016 - February 2017

April 2008 - March 2016

April 2003 - April 2008

Foxen Forensic Laboratories, Training Coordinator

Provides high quality and effective multi-medium educational courses in client requested investigative and forensic subject matters.  

North Carolina Justice Academy, Instructor and Developer

Forensic Analysis Instructor and Program Developer

University of North Carolina, Adjunct Instructor

Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, Police Officer

Gastonia Police Department, Forensic Detective

Charlottesville Police Department, Senior Crime Scene Investigator

Select Qualifications

Testimonial Experience

Voir Dire and acceptance as a court qualified expert witness in Crime Scene Investigations, Shooting Reconstruction, Crime Scene Reconstruction, Latent Print Identification, and Bloodstain Pattern Analysis.

Advanced Training Experience

More than 1,000 hours of State and Federal recognized training, including: incident scene management, homicide investigations; Crime Scene Investigations and Reconstruction, Fire and Arson Investigations, Latent Print Development and Examination, shooting reconstruction, forensic medicine, and other in depth Forensic Science related topics and courses.


Certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst, International Association of Identification

Certified Crime Scene Analyst, International Association of Identification                  

Pennsylvania Police Officer Certification                                                  

North Carolina Police Officer Certification                                  

Virginia Police Officer Certification                                                         

North Carolina General Criminal Justice Instructor                                     

Professional Certificate in General Forensics, American Academy of Applied Forensics

Advanced Gang Specialist, North Carolina Gang Investigators Association

North Carolina Death Investigators Certifications, NC Blue Ridge Community College

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