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Our staff actively contributes to their respective disciplines and interests, though authorship.  During their professional and academic careers the Foxen Forensics Team has written peer reviewed journal articles, collaborative texts, magazine articles, and recently even the digital book medium.

Text Editions

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A freshly entertaining and simple examination of a topic that engages everyone: how to be more productive and achieve any goal, in every facet of life.  This short form text examines behaviors and traits that high achievers share in common and how to act on them.  (Release Date: February 2023)

Journal and Magazine Articles

Georgia Police Chief Magazine Zack Kowalske .png

The Georgia Police Chief Magazine, Spring Edition 2021

Forensic Magazine, August 2020

Zack Kowalske Shooting Recon Crime Scene Investigations.png
CSI and Covid 19 Kowalske and Snivley.png

Forensic Magazine, March 2020

Forensic Magazine, Vol. 12, No. 1 2016


Journal of Forensic Identification, Vol. 66, Issue 5

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